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Fall 2022 first episode impressions, there ya go. Enjoy.

anime, Management of Novice Alchemist 

It's cute, it's fluffy, it's relentlessly upbeat (even considering the lead character's tragic backstory!), it's funny... yeah, I'm here for it.

And it's not an isekai. Bless Washuu-sama.

... I lied, I CW'd the anime part rather than hashtagging. Shrug emoji.

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anime, Reincarnated As A Sword 

I read the first installment of the light novel this is based on, and this nigh-inevitable adaptation of a cheesy 'isekai' premise does a couple of things right.

One, it condenses many, many pages of dense RPG-game-type stats-raising into about half an episode. Two, it makes its position clear about slavery: Even in a fantastical magical land, slavery sucks and slavers should get wrecked.

Not saying the show is GOOD, mind you, but it's... there. It's fine-ish.

anime, Akiba Maid War 

Just watched the first episode of Akiba Maid War on HIDIVE. While it is absolutely Not For Me, I admire its commitment to the bit.

Since "the bit" is "ultraviolent maid cafe gang war shenanigans," well, make of that what you will. It's nearly Pythonesque in its dedication to making no dingdanged actual sense whatsoever. If you think the moment you just saw was too absurd, wait a few seconds, it'll get moreso.

Gonna pass on this one.

Hmm. Got a couple of new-season first-episode thoughts to share. I'll tag them.

Sometimes my taste in political/topical music is somewhere along the Midnight Oil song spectrum, and sometimes it's the last track on the newest Muse album.

(See discogs.com/master/2757596-Mus for reference as needed.)

A night full of bad dreams has left me barely functional today. Too bad that "more sleep" is not an option.

anime nerdery 

Somehow on one of the anime Discords we've basically devolved into a discussion of what kinds of social media accounts the various Gundam Wing boys (and associated other characters) would have.

We're having way too much fun, and it's all thanks to that new Gundam show that is a mecha-skinned Utena riff.

Google Chrome random thought 

I'm willing to bet that part of why they're so eager to break (good, trustworthy) adblockers in Chrome is because things like uBlock Origin make YouTube tolerable.

Friendly reminder that if you're like me (and the majority) and still use Chrome, the time to switch is nigh.

- Learned today that software_reporter_tool.exe (which you can thankfully disable in chrome://settings/cleanup) scans literally every file on your computer on a regular basis and sends telemetry data to Google

- In January 2023 they're breaking all Manifest V2 apps which means existing (good) adblockers like uBlock Origin will no longer function


It's new music day here at the House of the Duck And Dragon.

And by "new" I mean "freshly arrived from Japan, and of recent-ish vintage." The latest angela CD, brand-new BAND-MAID, and a bunch of stuff related to a multimedia franchise that the draconic member of the household is heavily into right now.

Some days you start the shift ready to welcome the really weird puzzles you're undoubtedly going to face.

Some days you don't really care WHY it's Doing That, you just want it to STOP Doing That. Please.

Definitely having one of those days where it feels like every direction I go, I step on a rake and smack myself in the face with its handle.

Very Sideshow-Bob-ish.

Internet: "The network allows for various kinds of protocols that y-"

Developers: "There is only HTTP"

HTTP: "You can formulate all kind of requests using GET, POST, PUT, DELE-"

Developers: "There is only POST"


An 83F afternoon is a fine time to walk home after a haircut.

video game, poll 

Satisfactory (the game) released Update 6 to Early Access (thus out of Experimental branch) today and this evening I intend to give it a whirl.

Question is... do I start a fresh save or continue my Update-4-based save, jank and all?

I don't often shake my head at past!Me in disbelief about that weirdo's tastes and life choices, but it is kind of amazing how much of the early-2000s J-pop stuff in the music library does NOT hold up.

(Yeah, doing some library cleanup this afternoon.)

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